Friday, June 6, 2014

Umbrella or Sunbrella?

People typically think of pulling out their umbrellas on rainy days. They keep you from getting rained on, keep your hair dry, keep your clothes and makeup looking fresh -- it makes sense right?

But what if, instead, we used umbrellas as sunbrellas? The same way we protect ourselves from frizzy hair, wet clothes, and running makeup, we could protect ourselves from the burning and aging that comes along with ultraviolet rays.

I imagine a world where, when the sun is shining brightest and UV rays are at their height, people carry these sunbrellas around for even greater protection. More than just a fashion statement (and they would surely be quite stylish!), they would protect us from sunburns and harmful exposure. Nowadays, we have sunscreen and sunhats, but wouldn’t it be nice to think BIGGER? If sunbrellas existed, we would have more than one use for the traditional umbrella -- we could protect ourselves from the elements on rainy days and sunny days. Imagine the fun colors and designs we use to brighten up dreary weather put to use again on the most beautiful days of the year! Walking works of art, which keep the people who carry them safe and healthy.

To me, the greatest thing about umbrellas are the chances you have to share them. We could extend the kindness of the friends and family members who help keep their loved ones dry with this new opportunity to keep our loved ones healthy, as well. We might even set up “sunbrella stations,” where we grab a donated sunbrella when we need one and leave it for someone else when we don’t.

Take a Penny, Leave a Penny? How about Take a Sunbrella, Leave and Sunbrella?

If you aren’t quite ready to break out an umbrella on a sunny day, then you do have other options for protection from the sun:

  • Sunscreen (Look for titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in the ingredients)
  • SPF Clothing
  • Sunhats
  • Sunglasses (Don’t want to forget your eyes!)

Or, since the best advice always comes from Mom, “Always look for the shade.” Now you have another reason to love trees -- they’re looking out for you!
Renée Carleen Makeup Artistry will be having a sunbrella contest in July. Keep an eye out for details.

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