Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Philosophy

One of my favorite aspects of being a Makeup Artist is helping find colors that my clients both enjoy and look fabulous wearing! Everyday looks to me are about simplicity and color. What will you actually do on your own after our consult is over?

My aesthetic training provides me with the knowledge of how to get your skin in prime shape before applying any makeup.  Some clients really just want to get to a point where they don’t need to wear makeup because their skin is looking great and they are a no-fuss kind of person who wants to keep it simple.  I understand that my clients are individuals and therefore have different needs and wants for their skin.  It is my job to help fulfill those needs and wants with consulting, product recommendations and makeup applications/lessons.  I love my work!

What do I love about it? I love when I do a bride’s makeup application on her Wedding Day and I see her photos after and she is GLOWING, on what is one of the MOST special days of her and her husband’s life.  I love when someone sits in my chair who might not feel super confident about their appearance and then I do a few makeup “tricks”, show them the mirror and they have a BIG, HUGE smile on their face.  Maybe I saw something that they didn’t see and now they see it and want to show it again and again to the whole world? Hooray!!

Growing up, my Mother was a cosmetologist by profession. My whole life I’ve observed her literally creating beauty every where she went.  She is a beautiful person. She let me play with makeup when I was little. What a GREAT Mom!!! She is hands-down the BEST hairdresser I know and if you want an AMAZING up-do, a great hair-cut or beautiful color then I highly recommend her. Except don’t get her too booked up or there won’t be time for me. J 

You see, that is what I think skincare, makeup and hair appointments are all about. They are little mini tune-ups to help us take time for ourselves in a busy world and reconnect with and appreciate ourselves. Each and every one of us is perfect and unique already. In my everyday work and consultations I never try to change anyone or anything too much. Instead I aim to accentuate all the positive things that already exist. I don’t buy what the mainstream magazines sell that perfection is the only beauty that exists in the world. Acceptance is real beauty to me. Smile at yourself in the mirror when you go by it, no matter how you look.

This is my philosophy and how I do my work. If you think this is close to your philosophy of what beauty should be about, then I am probably a great match for you and I’d be happy to meet and work with you as a client. I’ll be sending out the Holiday promotions for Motives and Renée Carleen Makeup Artistry in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye in your inbox and I hope we talk more sometime soon!

Graduate, Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics – Spa Esthetics
Graduate, David Nicholas International – Master Level Makeup Artistry