Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winter Skincare Tips from Renée Carleen

We are entering the seasons of the year when skin becomes dry very easily.  As soon as we turn on the heating systems in our homes, the air becomes dry and our skin can become dry, itchy and irritated. Here are some simple tips for the Autumn and Winter that are inexpensive but will provide real results for your skin.

 Visit a trained skincare specialist in your area for professional advice (skin analysis, home care regimen and product recommendations).   Remember that just because a product is expensive does not mean it works any better than an inexpensive product. Don’t be fooled by the marketers and packaging!  Professionals are trained to recommend what will work best for YOU!

Use a home humidifier to help keep the air moist. This will help keep your skin moist and contribute to the overall health of your home and your skin.

Protect your face with a warm scarf if you are walking outside in cold/bitter winds. Many people walk outside with no protection from the elements. Your face and hands need to be covered during Winter to keep the harsh elements away from your skin.  

Use sunscreen or sun protective clothing during Autumn and Winter! Broad-spectrum SPF is the best choice, there are still damaging rays from Winter Sun. Remember that sun damage is cumulative.

Try using warm water for baths/showers instead of hot water.

Moisturizing is important all through the year but especially during Winter. Choose a non-comedogenic   moisturizer and apply after your toner. Make sure your toner does not contain harsh astringent alcohols. Be gentle with your skin. It keeps you healthy and protects you through all the seasons. Treat it well and it will treat you well as you age.

Look for botanicals in your skincare products. Avoid chemicals. Your skin does absorb what is placed on it. If you would not consider to use it for a baby, then don’t use it on yourself. Be an informed consumer and only purchase products that are good for you and the environment. 

Eat foods that are local and in-season.  Avoid overly spicy, processed foods. Limit alcohol consumption.  There will always be the latest and greatest skincare product that will be put on the market but nothing beats the good old-fashioned advice of eat well, get a good night’s sleep, exercise, don’t smoke or take drugs and avoid too much sun. It is healthy living that creates beautiful skin.

Spend time with good friends and family, get a small daily dose of sunshine and fresh air and LOVE the skin you’re in. It’s yours and nobody else’s….Enjoy!

Here’s to Happy and Healthy Winter Skin for All!

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