Friday, June 13, 2014

Be Your Own Masterpiece

Degas, Monet, Picasso – what do you think when you hear these names?

I think of great art and the talented artists who bring it to life. Also, I think of Italy.

When I was younger, I was lucky enough to travel to Italy as a foreign exchange student. It was educational and inspirational to see another culture firsthand and, although there were many amazing parts to my trip, one of my favorites was the Sistine Chapel.

Even after twenty years, I remember standing in awe, struck by how beautiful the artwork was. During my visit, the Chapel was under restoration and the scaffolding in use was so amazingly tall that I could only imagine how Michelangelo painted his enormous work of art. It’s beyond comprehension in its scale.

The work of a makeup artist is art on a much smaller scale, but it has its own complexities. For example, my “canvases” are real, living people, who move, blink, and talk during application. Each one has a unique undertone to their skin, special features that make them who they are. I believe that every face is beautiful in its own way and never use my makeup to change the unique and special traits that make my clients themselves (unless, of course, I’m creating a more dramatic look for a stage or screen character).

My philosophy is that everyone is perfect and there’s no need to mess with perfection.
Instead, I try to enhance -- not correct -- the already beautiful features I see:
  • For great eyes, I look for an eyeliner color to make my canvas’s eyes the focus and add some FAB mascara.
  • I also consider the cheekbone structure of my models. A dab of bronzer or blush in just the right place can go a long way!
  • For lips that look like they belong on a doll, I use lip-liner, then choose a sheen or color that compliments the skin’s unique tone.

But, above all, I remember that the most important part of looking great is feeling great. Remember, you’re an original, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Buy what you like and wear it, not because it’s “in” or because someone told you ten years ago that it was “your color” and you’ve never wanted to challenge that. If you love it and feel great wearing it, it’s going to show! Even if you cash in on an old trend or buy the same color as your BFF, it’s going to look good, as long as you let yourself shine.

Makeup is fashion, but it’s also art and art is subjective. So if I’m the one buying and wearing it, then I’ll be the one choosing and liking it – no matter how old I am or if the “experts” tell me that color really isn’t for me. I’ll take that color, please, and I’ll probably pair it with my white shoes and purse after Labor Day.

Peace, Love, & Makeup.

Renée Carleen Makeup Artistry

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